This is what happens in places without guns–Case XIX

From the U.K. where, if the government hadn’t implemented a Criminal Occupational Safety Act, an “equalizer” from Samuel Colt, John Moses Browning, or Smith & Wesson would make this sort of thing too hazardous of a hobby to partake in this frequently in the same small geographical area and small population:

There are growing concerns tonight that police are drawing a blank in the hunt for the Suffolk Strangler.

Officers from the Suffolk force – one of the smallest in the country – have been “overwhelmed” by the discovery of five bodies in 10 days.

One source said: “Even a larger force would have a problem resourcing at this stage. It is six weeks since the first prostitute went missing – and police admit it is a race against time before the killer strikes again.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Stewart Gull, who is leading the manhunt, went on television to say the serial killer is “out of control”. He has murdered five women in six weeks, an unprecedented rate in British criminal history.

Some of the prostitutes in Ipswich’s red-light area have given police names of their customers and detectives are trying to compile a complete list.

The numbers of sex workers in the area is said to be about 40, but the hardcore is about 15 – five of whom are now dead.


3 thoughts on “This is what happens in places without guns–Case XIX

  1. Isn’t it obvious? Ban murder. Then put a sign at the entrance of each brothel saying, “Thank you for not killing us”.

    Problem solved.

  2. “The killer is out of control!” Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot?? Big-Brother state has cameras everywhere and, “thousands of hours of CCTV footage.” But no self-defense, and no captured criminal…

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