Quote of the day–Dimitri Vassilaros

The slaughter, rape and torment of the citizens of Darfur would end if humanitarian aid included guns.

Darfur is one more reminder that gun control is genocide’s best friend.

Dimitri Vassilaros
April 1, 2005
Gun Controls Best Friend
Pittsburgh Tribune Review
[Via Jeff. How very odd that I would run across a link to this paper today via one of my usual blog reads. I’m quoted in todays edition of that same paper. My next post will be about that.–Joe]


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  1. My liberty-minded friends and I often come around to this idea as a solution: “Bomb” the area with guns and ammunition.

    Since the bad guys are already armed, it can’t help them significantly if they get hold of some of them, but since their victims are almost certainly disarmed or vastly under gunned, it can help them a great deal.

    It is in fact a tactic that has been used in the past, as the story of the Liberator Pistol indicates:

    Once we have decided that there is an enemy that needs to be defeated, it is a relatively simple process, compared to all the years of “talking” and going to great efforts to make ourselves feel better about a situation.

    Now the really sickening thing about this is that it will not happen because so many leftists will be entirely unwilling to acknowledge that guns in the hands of ordinary citizens can be a very good thing. The Left would rather see another hundred thousand, or half million, deaths than acknowledge such a thing. Their politics and self-image are worth more to them than the lives of innocent people.

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