I wonder what sizes those come in

How very odd for a couple of reasons. 1) I didn’t realize petrol (it’s from a UK paper) and Drano would cause an exothermic reaction. And 2) What in the world was going on in this woman’s mind? Did she think the men would be so stupid as to try to use the condoms?

An ex-strip club worker has been sentenced after she admitted sending condoms filled with explosives in the mail.

49-year-old Kimberly Lynn Dasilva pleaded guilty to the charges of sending threatening letters and flammable material through the post.

The ‘flammable materials’ included condoms filled with a mixture of petrol and the Drâno drain cleaner – a combination that can cause an explosion.

Her targets included strip clubs where she had previously worked, as well as a television station and a radio station. She claimed that she was fed up with being mistreated by men.

The incident occurred in Boston and there were several domestic papers that carried the article but it was only in the UK that they mentioned the materials used. The other articles I found were:

Now if they came in large enough sizes and detonated from rifle fire I might order a few from Ms. Dasilva.


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  1. “She claimed that she was fed up with being mistreated by men.”

    Note to women looking for nice men: Working in a strip club may not be the best choice. Making some fast money, sure, but that’s entirely different. Sure, I’ve been to strip clubs, and some were very amusing, but I was never there to look for a date.

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