Don’t drop your guard

Paul Helmke is President of the Brady Campaign/Center to Prevent Gun Violence (better known in civil rights circles as “The Brady Bunch”). Here are some things to watch out for–straight from the horse’s ass mouth:

The new Congress could send the public a positive message of its concern for safer communities by taking common sense steps like eliminating current restrictions on publicizing data about the source of guns used in crimes, strengthening the enforcement powers of law enforcement agencies including the ATF, making it harder for criminals and terrorists to buy guns by requiring background checks for all gun sales, and restricting sales of military style weapons and the ammunition that’s used in those weapons. Steps like this help make us safer and will score political points for those who support them.

Emphasis is mine. Even casual users of guns should go immediately on alert about the ammunition even if they don’t about the “military style weapons”. The most popular American guns use ammunition that was first used by the military. .45 ACP, 30.06, .308, .223, 9mm, 12 gauge shotgun. That doesn’t even include the less popular but still “interesting” calibers like .50 BMG.

And of course this point ignores all the other great points that could be made about their anti-freedom wish list. Examples include:

  • All semi-automatic firearms are “military style”.
  • All bolt action rifles are “military style”.
  • All revolvers are “military style”.
  • All muzzle loader firearms are “military style”.
  • The “requiring of background checks for all gun sales” is a back-door gun registration scheme.
  • Publicizing ATF gun trace data¬†endangers criminal investigations.
  • “Common sense” is the code phrase they use for things they don’t want you to think about. Also known as “dangerous Utopian ideas”.
  • The ATF has no constitutional authorization to even exist let alone enforce illegal laws (what part of “…shall not be infringed” don’t you understand?).
  • Scoring points with anti civil rights advocates is politically hazardous.
    • The civil rights organizations in support of gun owners is over four million strong.
    • The anti-rights organizations like the Brady Bunch aren’t even 1/10 that size.
    • Pissing off ten people for every one you make happy is not politically smart.

Via Arms and the Law.