Nice idea but it will fail

Nuclear fusion is a wonderful idea. Clean, no risk of people making bombs from it, and nearly limitless energy. And we have people working on it. The problem is it’s not just some government program–which would almost for certain doom it. There are numerous governments working on it. Think of a committee of bureaucrats that don’t speak the same language. Now give them billions of dollars and tell them they aren’t expected to deliver a working prototype for years or even decades. Oh, and they aren’t ever expected to turn a profit.

When General Electric, Chevron, or even Toyota tells me they are building a nuclear fusion plant I’ll willingly buy their stock. But the government is going to have to get my money for this boondoggle they way they always do–at the point of a gun.


One thought on “Nice idea but it will fail

  1. That reminds me of the Wright brothers, verses their “competition”, which was a hugely expensive (comparatively) government-funded, powered flight development program.

    The Wrights, as we all know, absolutely spanked the gov program, while working in their spare time, and at exactly zero cost to the tax payer.

    The difference is easily understood as follows:
    The goal of the Wright brothers, and others pursuing their passions, is to successfully develop a specific idea, whereas the goal of a government program is to make a career, or better yet a large number of careers, out of securing funds from the government.

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