Night boomers

I’m thinking of giving (selling actually) the opportunity for people with night vision equipment the chance to exercise their equipment and skills on the night of Friday April 27th 2007. This is two days before Boomershoot 2007. This would involve about 50 targets some of which would be “enhanced” for greater night time enjoyment. Other things that would be a little different from Boomershoot are the following:

  • Targets would range from about 150 yards to 350 yards away
  • Targets would be painted dark colors instead of being light colored
  • Targets will all be 7×7 inches
  • The price will be in addition to any entry fee you have paid already for Boomershoot 2007
  • The price will be from $200 to $500 per person depending on how many people sign up
  • The price will be finalized by April 15 2007 or when it is full whichever comes first
  • Spotters are welcome but probably won’t be useful and will not need to pay
  • It will be limited to a maximum of 10 people
  • The sun will be down
    • Sunset will be 19:50
    • End civil twilight will be 20:23
    • Moonrise will be 15:23
    • Moonset will be 04:06 the following day
    • The phase of the moon will be waxing gibbous with 82% of the Moon’s visible disk illuminated
  • Shooting will start at 20:30 and last for three hours or until the targets are gone
  • A different location would be used. It is about two miles to the west of the usual site
  • If it is too wet the site will be unusable and you would not have to pay even though you said you would participate
  • All shooters will have a minimum of 10 feet horizontally and can set up starting at 19:00

This is a picture of the potential site as of November 23rd 2006:

This location is facing north. The trees will shade the area from the setting sun but not from the moon. Of course if there is a heavy cloud cover it won’t make much difference.

If you are interested send an email to with the subject of “Night Boomers”.


4 thoughts on “Night boomers

  1. How much to be a spectator?

    Kalifornia doesn’t allow private ownership of night vision rifle scopes, damn it all….

  2. The usual price for spectators. $0.00. And the requirement that you be safe. Bring your ear protection and don’t stand in the middle of the road in the dark or anything else inviting a Darwin Award.

    How about night vision PISTOL scopes? At 150 yards certain pistols might do okay.

  3. I’ll have to go look at the statute, but I’m pretty sure it’s worded to prohibit possession of “sniper scopes,” which are defined as night-vision scopes. That definition could easily be expanded later to include other types of scopes, of course. IIRC there was something in there about use of a projected infrared beam for illumination — so maybe the non-infrared image-intensifying scopes are okay. Time for some research….

  4. You could buy it in Idaho and keep it here. Are all NVDs banned, or are you permitted to own a monocular, which could be used in tandem, behind a regular scope?

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