Nuking Hillary on Pearl Harbor Day

I first saw it at The Smallest Minority. Then a friend from Microsoft (and Boomershoot) sent me a link to it and said, “This bit of fiction just absolutely scared the living daylights out of me.” I’m pretty sure he is Jewish. [I was wrong] That makes at least a little bit of difference in the context.

It’s a good read. You should read the whole thing.

I responded to my friend in email. What follows is a slightly sanitized version of what I said to my friend.

December 7th, 2008 is a Sunday. I’ll be in Idaho.
Snarky remarks aside… Except for the level of detail and the scope it’s nothing I hadn’t already been concerned about. In addition to the financial centers I’m nearly certain Jewish population centers in New York City and Los Angles would be attacked–not just the economic targets. I’ve often figured Microsoft would be a target. It’s too successful, too much of a bad influence (all that music and porn that is available via computers) and too big of a reminder of how unsuccessful Muslims are for them to tolerate it’s continued existence.
And of course Israel would get it’s share of “gifts”. And probably England as well.
I need to find my book on nuclear warfare and see what sort of damage radius can be expected for warheads the size we are expecting. I think that for a 1 kiloton yield a mile or so is sufficient to have a decent chance of surviving the initial blast. That is not to say it would be something the U.S. could or should just shrug off.
On the flip side of that scenario I’m not sure most Muslim leaders and certainly North Korea will be very eager to buy into the expected endgame from that sort of attack.

I would expect that within a couple days Iran would have a soft green glow that would last for decades. If not from U.S. “sharing of the love” then from Israel suddenly becoming less inhibited in expressing their feelings toward Muslim extremists. I would expect many Muslim “Holy Cities” would become just “Holes”.

North Korea geography would have some sudden changes that would require some changes in maps-should someone decide to put on their NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) suits and visit. 
I certainly regard Muslim extremists as an extremely serious threat–more so than North Korea. Watch the trailer for Obsession, The Movie. There are so many parallels between Nazi Germany and Muslims today that one has to be blind, ignorant, or stupid not to see what’s going to happen if we don’t take violent action and follow through on it. Unfortunately we don’t have any good options available to us. I see it as either the long slow road something along the lines of what George Bush attempted, and the Democrats sabotaged, or wholesale genocide. We don’t yet have the moral justification, and certainly not the political will, for genocide. But after we get nuked we may.

It will be ironic. The Democrats all demanding/promising peace and getting swept into office on that force of that idea. Then they deliver the peace of the grave for both us and our enemies.


2 thoughts on “Nuking Hillary on Pearl Harbor Day

  1. Here is a tool to calculate the damage from any size of bomb on any US city. I think you will find it useful.

    A 1 kt bomb would have a severe damage blast radius of 1/2 a mile, for typical wood frame houses, half that for concrete buildings.

    BTW, making a .5 to 1.5 kiloton bomb small enough to fit on a cruise missile is much harder than making a crude Hiroshima type weapon. I am not convinced that NK even had a fizzle, they may have just had a very large conventional explosion salted with “dirty” waste.

  2. As someone living in the San Francisco Bay Area, the funny part to me is the idea of Gavin Newsom on the ticket as VP. It’s not going to happen, because it’s pretty much an open secret here (and widely acknowledged in the local gay media) that Mr. Newsom is gay (or bisexual if you wish to be technical about it). Which doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but it’s widely acknowledged that it would prevent him moving past a statewide office. And I’m sure it would cause gnashing of teeth in some quarters of this country were he elevated to a national ticket — even in a fictional tale.

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