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The people that voted “blue” because of the promise of government supplied health care should be careful what they ask for. They might get it.

Katherine Murphy, spokeswoman for the Patients Association, said the huge budget deficits faced by some NHS trusts – estimated to be over £1 billion – together with the Government’s obsession with targets, was leaving some hospitals with no option but to treat patients of the opposite sex together.

‘The Government’s pledge to get rid of mixed sex wards is yet another one of Tony Blair’s broken promises,’ Mrs Murphy said.

‘We’ve seen more and more calls to our patient helpline from distressed women in particular who are being forced to share rooms with men.

Last month a review of 153 acute trusts in England revealed that, in some hospitals, two in three patients are still being having to share a room with a member of the opposite sex.

‘Allowing trusts to simply put curtains up between patients makes no difference to them whatsoever,’ Mrs Murphy added.

‘It makes a mockery of the Government’s targets and is simply a token gesture that is failing to get to the root of the problem.’

In 1997, the Government set its first target for closing such wards by 1999. But in January 2000 this was revised to 2002.

It was then moved again, to April 2004 – but even this target has now been missed.

Tory health minister Stephen O’Brien said: ‘What further proof do we need of the value of a promise from this Labour Government than their record on mixed sex wards.

‘Four years ago they said they would get rid of mixed sex wards, but four years on the increasing evidence shows the situation is getting worse not better.

‘Financial deficits, caused by the Government’s mismanagement of the NHS, is now leading to less trusts taking the decision to close mixed sex wards.’

And do you really want the government having ready access files on your medical records? What if those “evil homophobic Republicans” could easily find everyone that was gay? Or if the unethical Democrats exposed the Republican candidates (or their daughters or girl-friends) who had abortions when they where a teenager?

Almost lost in the article is the £1 billion deficit (not debt) of the National Health Service. Government health care is not only more expensive than private health care (ask any health care professional how much time they spend dealing with government paperwork) it’s lower quality. Pay more, get less, and leaves you vulnerable to government abuse? You know it has to be the brain child of the loony left.

Update: I forgot to mention that Government Health Care fails my Jews In the Attic Test.


2 thoughts on “Government health care

  1. I kind of hope that England’s and Canada’s health care systems crash pretty soon.

    It’s not that I wish our neighbors ill, as I do not, but their system is going to fail; it is not a matter of if, it is just when.

    Since this failure is inevitable, my wish is that it happens before people over here decide they want the same system.
    Maybe it would open the eyes of many pushing for socialized medicine, and save us much pain and misfortune.

    I tried to leave this comment earlier, but I think Firefox messed it up (if it is in moderation already, I apologize).

  2. Everything, including life itself, is rationed under socialism.

    Ah, but we deserve “universal healthcare” (funny isn’t it, how they try to rename things?– Nationalized, or socialized, medicine is now to be regarded as Universal Healthcare, and quitting, bugging out, or cutting and running is now to be regarded as “Redeployment”).

    Seeing it (socialism) fail elsewhere, every time and everywhere its ever been tried, has never dissuaded the Left from wanting it here. I can’t see this becoming the first exception.

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