I swear! I didn’t do it

There was a car fire the night before I arrived in Reno for the Gun Bloggers Rendezvous in October. As I wasn’t there at the time I disavow any involvement with it.

On the way home from the Seattle area last night I arrived slightly before the police did, but not before several other witnesses, to this car fire on Highway 26:

I also did not have anything to do with this fire. My chemistry set is safely locked up in the Taj Mahal.

The GPS coordinates were 46o 47′ 36″ N 118o 49′ 19″W. The car was west bound on Highway 26 about 50 yards east of the junction with Lind-Hatton Road.  I arrived about 21:35. I left about 15 minutes later by which time there were at least three police cars and a fire truck there. East bound traffic was diverted on Lind-Hatton Road to Highway 395. To the best of my knowledge no one was hurt.


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