They do have their application

Even though I could legally own a machine gun in Idaho I haven’t ever had the interest. They do have their application however. This video shows a plausible application. After I get my own helicopter I’ll reevaluate the bias I have against machine guns.

Video: GPMG vs Gattling


4 thoughts on “They do have their application

  1. The vids on Dillion Aero also feature reactive targets – cars and such. BOOM!! What fun.

    BTW this is the same fellow (and ‘copter I think) that flew to N.O. (in several hops) after Katrina and on his own nickle flew for MANY hours in rescue work.

    Nobody asked, he went. Hooray for the good guys.

  2. Good point. If you want the meat and the hide, use a single shot. If you only want the scalps, use the M249. If you want to leave everything to rot in the field, use your M134.

  3. I’ll be getting my ‘copter sometime after I win the lottery. And considering that I have never purchased a lottery ticket and have no plans to you shouldn’t “hold your breath” for me to be getting a ‘copter.

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