Boomershoot 2006 survey results

Last night I finished up the processing of the Boomershoot 2006 survey. I removed the personally identifiable information from the comments and put the results up here in an Excel spreadsheet.

There weren’t any big surprises. I was a little surprised at how popular the opening fireball is. 37 out of 39 agreed that it is an important part of the event.

I was pleased that the question “Boomershoot safety met my expectations.” had the highest level of agreement with 31 out of 39 strongly agreeing and the remaining 8 agreeing. There was one person that had some comments about ways to improvement and I’ll think about it.

Some of the more interesting comments were:

I would like to see better and cheaper food and drink there.  Also strippers.

a night shoot would be way fun if the neighbors wouldn’t be too bothered.  Keep it really small for safety’s sake but the fireballs would be best at night, and it’s hard to find a place to shoot distance with NV. [I’m working on the details for this. If you have the money, perhaps in the $300 to $500 range, this might happen this year.–Joe]

We need to fix the weather, You should build a giant umbrella.. No a huge kibbi dome over the field!!!  Even better lets get some of those greek weather gods to work for us, and they could push the clouds away. [My family will immediately know who wrote this comment. He didn’t leave his name but I can hear his voice in my head say the words above.–Joe]

I like watching angsty geeks with guns sweat

Bring Stephanie back. [As if I need to drag her out of the garage and throw her in the back of the van. Stephanie knows her way and is always welcome to attend.–Joe]

All gun owners should be shot. [You’re welcome to do the honors. I’ll even supply the shotgun and give you your own very special shooting position. It will be a trench about two feet wide, seven feet long and five feet deep at the 380 yard line. Please wait for the start signal.–Joe]

On the price:

You could charge more-My son and I would still attend

It’s expensive, but I understand why.

I am affraid to admit this, it was a bargain.

Cheaper is always better.

should be $4000 [You can have a private event any day of the year for this price. You have my phone number. Call me any time of the day or night with your credit card number.–Joe]

In the category of “Done”:

Shooting a 50 cal and feeling everyone elses rounds being fired really wears on a person.  Having a spot to go shoot the big gun and then being able to return to a normal slot would be nice. [Position 12 is reserved for this.–Joe]

I would like a lane where you can check your sighting in before you shoot at targets.  Perhaps from 6 to 7 a.m.?  Or do you folks need that time to set up?  Either that or the previous afternoon? [Early morning is out. The range is covered with people setting out boomers. See Field Fire shooters for another option.–Joe]

In the category of “No”:

Of course if I were to have one wish (just behind winning the lottery), I’d like to see 100 pound boomers! 🙂

Permanent lounge structure.  Bigger explosions– of course. [No permanent structures. This is farm land and I want to be able to revert it with a few hours of work with a bull dozer. The explosions are already at the limit. The neighbors have double pane windows that have lost their seals and have had stuff fall off the walls.–Joe]

I was thinking of more comfort oriented things– concrete, covered shooting positions, coffee/beverage waitresses, et al. [No. It’s not going to happen. Although I won’t go as far as Ry suggests, bring in fresh dirt and water it down for the shooting positions, I am inclined to encourage a more ‘natural’ shooting environment.–Joe]

In the category of “You’re welcome”:

thank you and your family for performing this valuable service to mankind.

Joe, if I didn’t tell you before, let me tell you now: 2006 was an absolute BLAST!!! Thank you so much for a great event! After the last couple of years, where getting a boomer to boom was a very difficult proposition, you made it all work great this year. I still get a smile, every time I think of it! Thanks, again!

This is a great shooting event. Please keep it going. I enjoy the photos on your web page very much.