Our girls are getting married

Heavy sigh…. I can’t say that I’m happy about it. Sort of sad and nervous about it. But DAMN, they are beautiful as well as smart and talented.

Update: The picture in the wedding dresses had to come down. Some people were not supposed to see that one. This picture was taken the same day just a couple hours earlier.


5 thoughts on “Our girls are getting married

  1. Current dates are for the middle of March and the first part of July. We’ll see. Things keep changing.

    The pictures were from the dress and accessory selection day. Wish I could show the pictures in the wedding dresses. They were pretty spectacular.

  2. Congrats, Joe!

    I don’t know if you enjoy country music or not, but check a song called (I think) “I loved her first”.

    Doubly fitting for you right now.

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