Holding firm in Canada

I’m a little bit surprised but very pleased with how firm the Prime Minister and cabinet are holding on to their intention to scrap the gun registry in Canada. If they can reverse the repression there it will help us to prevent it here:

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day paid a visit to Dawson College yesterday to discuss Canada’s gun control laws with the mother of Anastasia De Sousa, the student killed in the Sept. 13 shooting, and wounded student Hayder Kadhim.

Members of the Dawson Gun Control Committee were also present.

Kadhim, 17, had originally asked to meet Prime Minister Stephen Harper to debate the Conservative government’s intention to abolish the long-gun registry, but Harper sent Day in his place.

Calling the meeting “productive,” Day seemed not to have changed his mind on the gun registry issue after the discussion at Dawson.

He said Canada should be investing its resources in cracking down on gangs and gun trafficking, and in tightening gun-licensing rules.

Day’s press aide said yesterday’s meeting was part of an extensive series of countrywide discussions with stakeholders over the gun-control issue.