Pictures from the pistol match

I said that I was at a pistol match last Sunday. Here are some pictures from that match. Yeah, I know it’s really painful for people with dial-up. I have 3 MBPS downloads and I think you should too.

Adam’s STI .40 S&W is in full recoil with a piece of brass just a few inches from the gun.

Don’s .45 is in full recoil with his nickel plated brass in the air above the ejection port.

Don is playing Peek-a-Boo with his .45. Yes, that is a piece of nickel plated brass in front of his head.

Mike is winning the stage (and the match) Both Sides Now #1.

This last stage is the one that I was so pleased with my results on. An average of under five seconds to draw and shoot each of the six brown targets. Mike had slightly better time and was more accurate than me.


2 thoughts on “Pictures from the pistol match

  1. And yours was 91.3461% nationally which is in the middle of ‘Master’ class. I was just barely into ‘A’. Had I not nicked the no-shoot target I would have had my first ‘Master’ class classifier with a 86.0913% percentage. But still, if the calculator is accurate it’s still my highest classifier ever.

    Thamks Alphamike.

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