Mac killed my inner child

I don’t have more than a few minutes of experience on a Mac so I basically keep my mouth shut on the Mac versus PC war. I give you the following only for the humor value. It’s not because I have any data to support anything negative said about the Mac.

Video: Mac attack

Video: PC vs Mac

Video: An Apple Gamer


3 thoughts on “Mac killed my inner child

  1. Why use Soapbox? This is the first I’ve seen of it, but more often than not I’m seeing a “The XML could not be loaded.” message. I guess I’m just surprised not to see you using youtube.

    I use both a Mac and PC at home. Here are some funny mac spoof commercials:

    or you can search for them on youtube by searching for “Mac Spoof”

  2. I’ve had something similar to the “Mac attack” experience, multiple times, with every computer I’ve owned– Mac and PC, well, except for this particular PC, which Joe set up for me.

    I am quite familiar with the battery release latch on my G4 laptop, ’cause that’s sometimes the only way to turn the F#$@(&g! thing off! They were very good about getting it back to the service center, two weeks after I bought it though, after 45 minutes on hold, so the extra thousand dollars I paid, for similar performance to an XP operated laptop, was worth something. Mac is very security minded though. I can’t install software update without my (forgotten) system password. So they have that going for them. MS will update any XP machine, the putzes.

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