Explosives and Soapbox

I uploaded a several videos to Soapbox on MSN. They, not to mention Barb, won’t allow me to upload videos of my sex hobby activities. So I did the next best thing:

Video: Kim’s Project Fireball Test
After breaking up with her boyfriend this is Kim’s first smile in a week. Fireballs will do that to you.

Video: Titanium Powder Works
One of our first successful fireball tests.

Video: Boomershoot Project Fireball Test

Video: Rocks Versus Explosives
My brothers had two big rocks in a field they couldn’t get out with either the backhoe or the dozer. Ten pounds of explosives took care of the first one. Twenty for the second.

Video: Fairly Well
This is the first ever successful detonation of the explosive mixture to be used in Boomershoot. After two years of failures I was “enthusiastic” about the results.

Video: Exploding Guitar
It was a cheap guitar. Lyle can explain further. It was his guitar and he fired the bullet that detonated it.

Video: Pumpkin Popping
Aluminium powder gave it a bright flash. Flour gave it the white cloud of dust. It was hoped the aluminium would ignite the flour but it didn’t work out.


2 thoughts on “Explosives and Soapbox

  1. A cheap guitar comes in to the store with serious set-up problems. It will cost more than the price of the guitar to fix the problems, and more than the price of the guitar for the supplier to issue a call tag and have it shipped back, at which point they would be faced with the same repair price issue. What to do? Loosen the strings, stick two small milk cartons of high explosive inside the lower bout, tap it with a single 62 grain .223 Rem projectile from 100 yards, and enjoy the situation while it lasts, which is a little over 100 milliseconds from the moment the hammer falls to get the visual effects, another 300 milliseconds for the sound to arrive at your shooting position, and a few more seconds of laughter and hollering. Quite worthwhile, actually.

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