Yin and Yang?

I should ask our Chinese friend if this is some sort of cultural thing. Maybe something was lost in the translation because this makes no sense to me:

China has a totally different attitude towards sex from many countries. We should not only promote a bold, open attitude, as in Western countries, but also preserve healthy, traditional views on sex,” said Duan.

This appears to be a direct contradiction unless he is saying both (and I would presume all) behaviors are acceptable. But don’t doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the context:

BEIJING, Nov. 6 — Once regarded as “bold and open,” Li Yinhe’s views on sex, particularly topics such as “wife-swapping,” got a frosty reception from experts at the fourth Guangzhou Sex Culture Expo.

Addressing last year’s festival, Li, widely acclaimed as China’s foremost female sociologist on sex issues, said wife swapping was a normal kind of entertainment and all couples should have the right to do it if they wanted to.

However, this year scholars and experts at a forum held in conjunction with the ongoing expo rejected her easy-going views.

“Wife swapping should not be promoted to the public as it will lead to the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases,” said Zhang Feng, director of the Guangdong Provincial Population and Family Planning Committee.

Zhang added that neither the sex forum nor the expo should provide a platform for advertising bold and “unacceptable” views to the public.