Mixed news from Congressman Ron Paul

Ron Paul is actually a Libertarian. He just puts an R after his name so he can actually get elected instead of being on the outside and whine about things. He is a freedom advocate that is practical–something that is sometimes difficult for me. I tend to be more absolute and reluctant to sacrifice my principles even when I know it’s not in my best self interests to be so.

That aside, here’s what Ron Paul is saying about the current state of gun control:

The gun control movement has lost momentum in recent years. The Democratic Party has been conspicuously silent on the issue in recent elections because they know it’s a political loser. In the midst of declining public support for new gun laws, more and more states have adopted concealed-carry programs. The September 11th terrorist attacks and last year’s hurricanes only made matters worse for gun control proponents, as millions of Americans were starkly reminded that we cannot rely on government to protect us from criminals.

Gun control may have faded as a political issue, but the mentality that Washington knows best– and that certain constitutional rights are anachronisms– is alive and well. Look for gun control advocates to bide their time and look for new ways to resurrect the issue in 2008 and beyond.

As fast as we can… we need to change the negative view of guns and their owners. We need to have and create the proper State of Mind in the public.