Some TSA numbers

So… just how good do you think those security checks at the TSA checkpoints are? How poor of a job would they have to do before you would say, “We need to figure something else out. This just isn’t working.”? Suppose they let 10% of the knives and explosives through. Or may be 25%. Surely if 50% of the people could get guns and explosive through you would say they should be fired, right? Well… the real numbers are:

Federal authorities have launched an investigation to determine who leaked test results showing security screeners missed 90 percent of the explosives and guns agents attempted to sneak past checkpoints this month at Newark Liberty International Airport.

The probe was launched by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration after The Star-Ledger, citing information from federal security officials, reported Thursday that screeners failed 20 of 22 covert tests and also violated standard operating procedures at the busy hub.

Don’t you just love it? The government agency gets caught not doing the job they said private enterprise was too incompetent to handle what is their response? Why it’s, “You weren’t supposed to know that! Who told you?” They are going prosecute whoever it was that let us know they are playing Keystone Cops to the extent they succeed only 10% of the time. Just like Christopher Soghoian said, it’s “security theater”.

It’s time to consider alternatives to airplane security.


2 thoughts on “Some TSA numbers

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much.
    The airlines will probably just lose the guns so the bad guys can’t use them anyway.

    Hey, at least people can’t smuggle in 4 oz of hand lotion because they make you use a clear baggie!

    Major warm fuzzies going on about security here.

  2. Are the streets of the towns and villages in Vermont running with blood due to gun fights breaking out over the slightest little arguments?

    No? Weird– anyone can carry concealed guns in Vermont without permission from the government. If the Leftist logic held any water, Vermont would have the highest murder rate in the world.

    Well then maybe it wouldn’t happen on planes either.

    Never mind the Second Amendment either, the Constitution was only written and ratified as a set of non-binding recommendations.

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