Quote of the day–Greg Hamilton

…according to their linguistic constructs they are not gay, according to ours, they are. Same behavior, different categorization based on the framework you start with. The Greek language did not support concepts like straight and gay. Their categories deal with what type of sex you liked to have. In easy terminology an actor vs. receiver of oral, anal or vaginal intercourse. Nothing in their construct included which sex either party was.

So by creating a different framework you can have two people engaging in the same behavior but identifying it completely differently.

Osama Bin Laden has constructed a perfectly logical argument given the start point of the Koran. His arguments have been challenged and found correct by religious law. He has constructed a perfect sales pitch for the market he is trying to capture. It makes sense, and resonates no less in their hearts and minds, than Thomas Paine’s and Thomas Jefferson’s words resonated in ours. (Not in any way trying to confer moral equivalency)

We started with a framework that made what the founding father have to say as being very powerful. They start in a place that makes what Bin Laden is selling as powerful if not more.

Greg Hamilton
August 8, 2006 7:20 PM
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