Carl J. Truscott misconduct

I knew from talking to the investigators that inspect the Boomershoot explosives magazine that things were rather “tight” but I had no idea how bad it was or why it was that way.

The full report includes such items as demands for remote controlled doors, and wood flooring in the directors office that alone cost over $62,000. The millwork alone for the other wood in the office would cost $243,000. That doesn’t include the executive bathroom which involved telephone, TV flat panel and radio speakers to listen/view news, quartzite tile floor to match the floor in the building atrium, a bench with a water resistant wood seat, tile wall “in horizontal straight stacked layout vs brick,” and sconces. The conference table cost $28,000. Don’t get me started on the bodyguards, motorcades, and the gym.

All this while agents in the field were using expired body armor and complaining of not having enough people, and other safety equipment.

Now, I’m all for the starving the ATF for money to spend on unconstitutional activities but the money should be left in the hands of the taxpayers rather than put into a quarter million dollar office for the chief villain.

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1 thought on “Carl J. Truscott misconduct

  1. If they can’t work out of a steel quanset hut with a sheet-metal wood stove and furniture bought from Goodwill, then they can spend their personal income on the luxuries they want.

    Better yet, give then all a six-week notice, send them home, and close the Department. Its nothing but a tragic legacy of the FDR administration. It never should have existed in the first place.

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