The Credibility Gap Runs Wide

This is, word for word and in its entirety, the text on a poster that has been displayed in a public school in our area for years:

Violence is Any;
 that inflicts or threatens to inflict physical or emotional injury or discomfort upon another person’s body, feelings, or possessions.

Can anyone make sense of that statement?  Adopting it as policy would be quite another matter:  “Ms. Dimbulb, Johnny gave my pencil a dirty look…”

Send the kid in for anger management counseling.  That’ll get him to respect you, I’m sure.

I would point out that approximately 100% of a public school’s budget comes as a result of threatening tax payers with acts of violence, but saying that might inflict emotional discomfort and thereby constitute an act of violence.


2 thoughts on “The Credibility Gap Runs Wide

  1. Typically muddled left wing thinking. Everything is violence; nothing is violence. Is it any wonder that our young people have a hard time determining what is and isn’t appropriate behavior.

    Silly me, I always thought that violence was like kicking some kid’s butt during recess. But what do I know? I’m just a gun-toting neanderthal.

  2. The muddled thinking is typical, predictable socialist nonsense. Morphing it into policy in a school system, where kids are supposed to be learning things, is outrageous.

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