Quote of the day–Katie True

Someone gets up one day and says, ‘I’m gonna kill all the girls.’ How do you legislate against that?

Katie True
Pennsylvania House Representative from Lancaster County
October 2, 2006
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Analysis: Gun control forces will be emboldened, face tall task
[The “tall task” is to train and arm the adults in the schools. The only solution which could improve the odds.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Katie True

  1. I’m thinking someone is bound to suggest putting up larger “Gun Free Zone” signs, maybe with flashing lights on them. Obviously, the smallish ones in use now aren’t getting the massage accross.

    I heard on the alphabet news network today that the answer is to talk to your kids– to make sure everyone is expressing their feelings freely and completely. THAT is the solution.

    We are still in a post Hait/Ashberry fog. Well, some people anyway– a “Rap Session” will cure all evils.

  2. In addition to bigger “Gun Free Zone” signs, we could also legislate mandatory signs that read:

    “Welcom to XYZ High School. Thank You For Not Killing Us”.

    Then we can all get together, hold hands, close our eyes, wish really, really hard for world peace, and sing, “When you wish uopon a star, makes no difference who you are…”

    Either that or we could respect and enforce the protection of human rights as outlined in the Bill of Rights. One or the other.

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