Testing Boomershoot shooting position selection

I’m working on the web page(s) for reserving a Boomershoot 2007 shooting position. You can see it here. For test purposes only at this time. Let me know what you think.

The pictures were taken March of 2006 on a rather “gray” day. During the actual event the grass is green even if it’s snowing, you have 40 MPH winds, and the forecast is looking up because they are only predicting 20 MPH winds and rain.

Actually, some times it’s beautiful (from Ry, click on the picture for the video):

Now, isn’t that beautiful? One of my favorite quotes says it so well:

I don’t know why everyone does not share my delight with explosives. If they don’t, it has to be some abhorrent character defect.

Ragnar Benson
From: Ragnar’s Guide to Home and Recreational Use of High Explosives
Page 110, Copyright 1988.


5 thoughts on “Testing Boomershoot shooting position selection

  1. As someone who will be shooting prone it would be better to see more of the back of the berm also. At least I think it should be.

  2. If I recall correctly — it’s been a year and a half 🙁 — there’s a significant difference in slope between the main positions closer to the .50 cal. ghetto and the main positions closer to the berm. I don’t mean the slope towards the targets, but rather the “left-to-right” slope. Some shooters (hi Phil!) had real problems getting their benches leveled in the steeper positions. I’m not sure it’s possible to show the steeper slope real well in photos, but it might help some folks choose better if they can envision how their bench will interact with the actual situation “on the ground,” so to speak.

  3. One could go in either of two ways here: On one hand, you could say that since one of the goals of Boomershoot is to encourage people to acquire skills and experience in long distance shooting, the lack of perfect, ideal conditions is more likely to encourage participants to learn to deal with varying situations. A bench with adjustable elgs for easy leveling might be one solution. Learning to shoot your best from prone, without need for a bench, would be another.

    On the other hand, you could decide that, if the customer is paying for the experience, the customer should be provided with all maner of optimum conditions to facilitate the optimum in pleasurable experiences. But the participant may not come away with as much practical knwoledge, or “field experience” because most “field work” does not involve leveled, concrete, covered shooting positions, and food services, waitresses, foot massages, et al.

    One is a school and the other is a theme park, or ammusement park.

  4. Yes. I know. I want to strike somewhat of a middle ground. I don’t want to make it so that it’s just “show up and everthing is perfect”. But I also don’t want it to be so difficult of conditions that people are unwilling or unable to rise to the challenge.

    Barb and went to the site yesterday. I got some pictures but nearly all are going to be useless. The berm is grown up with such high grass and weeds that even after I laid a tarp down it just wasn’t working to crush everything down and get an idea of the shape of the berm.

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