Barrett sales propaganda

Actually it is a Discovery Channel piece that I was pointed to by the anti gun bigot at “Freedom State Alliance”. This time I actually mostly agree with him when he says:

This shocking video might be the best demonstration of the lethality and power of the .50-caliber sniper rifle – YOU SIMPLY MUST WATCH IT.

Drop the words “shocking” and “YOU SIMPLY MUST” and we’ve come to agreement.

There is some false/misleading information in the video however. Bolt action rifles don’t take 15 to 20 seconds to cycle. And the AK round is seldom referred to as “308”.


4 thoughts on “Barrett sales propaganda

  1. There’s the usual complete lack of perspective, and the standard hype. “Stealth Rifle” is used. What does that mean? The fifty cal is huge and extremely loud– about as “unstealthy” as any hand-carried rifle could be unless it were fitted with flashing lights. “One of the…most feared…weapons on the battlefield”? More feared than mortars and artillery” How about air power, or is than not “on the battlefield”? “One of the biggest bullets in the world”? Pure silliness. The biggest bullets are weighed in tons, rather than grains, and measure in inches, rather than thousandths of an inch. 2700 feet per second sounds really fast, unless you happen to know that 2700 feet per second is pretty ho hum in terms of modern rifle velocities.

    A lame piece, but still decent as a promotion. I want a Barret Fifty.

  2. I suppose the “stealth” arrives via faster than speed of sound velocity and long reach. It the target is dead by the time the report is heard…


  3. It’s propaganda. But by listening with the right frame of mind it becomes sales propaganda rather than “shocking” propaganda.

    I figure it’s pretty stealthy if your vehicle suddenly stops working with a hole in the side of the engine. If the shooter is a mile away you certainly aren’t going to see him and you may not even hear the muzzle blast, just the supersonic crack of the bullet and the sounds of your engine tearing itself into a pile of broken pieces of metal.

  4. OK, I concur. But I will point out that an 18″ naval gun, mounted on a 58 thousand ton battleship, is therefore even more stealthy ; )

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