Straight out of the training videos

I attended a seminar that discussed some of the video tapes found in Afghanistan. According to the tapes using a motorcycle in an assassination was one of the things taught in the training camps. A leading woman’s rights leader was killed using this technique:

Safia Amajan, head of the province’s women’s department, was leaving her home for work when a gunman on a motorcycle opened fire, police said.

She may have been targeted by Taleban militants because of their opposition to women taking part in politics and education, the BBC’s Dan Isaacs says.

Other techniques found in the tapes included taking and killing of hostages in office buildings and schools, ambushes of law enforcement, drive up kidnapping on streets, and residential assassinations. It’s what Israel deals with every day and it’s what in store for us here if we withdraw our military from the Mideast and we continue to ignore their calls for us to convert to Islam.