Another friend headed to the Mideast

At the steel match yesterday one of the better handgun shooters I know told me he has been hired by Blackwater USA and will be going to the Mideast soon as the team leader of an emergency response team. Compared to what he currently earns the pay is nearly irresistable. It’s a one-year contract with a two week vacation after six months. The first thing Barb asked when I told her about it was, “What about his wife and kids?” Well… his wife isn’t too keen on it but the pay makes it very attractive. Barb is glad I’m only as far away as Seattle and only fighting software bugs rather than halfway around the world being shot at and trying to avoid IEDs.

A year ago I was seriously considering how I could get such a contract but with my current pay the delta isn’t enough to make it that attractive and they still aren’t scrapping the bottom of the barrel hard enough to take me without prior military or law enforcement experience. I wished my friend luck and asked him to return in one piece. I hope it turns out well for him.