The stories of two losers

Ian Robinson writes about two losers:

Here he is again, the loser with a grudge and a gun slithering up from the basement of a middle-class home where he fermented his immaturity, anger and resentments to full and deadly potency “interacting” with like creatures on the Internet.

His mom says he was “a good son.”

The neighbours’ comments — the banality of this would be screamingly funny were it not for the horror of the event — amount to this: He was quiet and kept to himself.

Aren’t they always.

His resentment and anger are perfectly understandable.

He’s a loser and losers spend their lives being angry and resentful.

And more importantly:

Wendy Cukier, the mastermind behind Canada’s obscenely expensive and ineffective gun registry — she’s president of the Coalition for Gun Control — along with her Liberal Party lapdogs promised us more gun control would make us safer.

Way to go, Wendy.

See, this loser jumped through all the hoops, complied with the gun legislation and guess what?

He passed. His firearms were legally owned.

When questioned in the aftermath of this event, Cukier told CBC that: “The argument for gun control has never been based on individual cases. (It) has always been based on the general principle that if you have adequate control on all guns, you reduce the chances that dangerous people will gain access to them. You don’t eliminate them.”

Her statement is disingenuous to say the least.

“Disingenuous” is a fancy word for “lie.”

Yup. Ms. Cukier helped convince Canadians to spend over $1 billion (some reports say as high as $2 billion) on a gun registry after an eerily similar shooting in 1989. Ms. Cukier created losers of all Canadians. They got nothing in return from all that money spent. All the while gun owners were telling them it wouldn’t do any good. Yet the press gave her high praise and flashed her flattering photo.

Losers. All led by the Queen of Losers–Wendy Cukier.