How can anyone not “get it”

The Muslim extremist culture must be destroyed. The apologists in the west think we need to get out of the Mideast, or stop supporting Israel, or “something”. In other words we did something wrong.

So tell me what Thailand has done to deserve this:

Two bombs exploded in front of a pub and parking lot at the mall. The third was set off at a massage parlour. The other two bombs exploded at departments stores, including one in a restroom.

Authorities quickly blamed separatist insurgents for the attack. Since 2004, they have waged a bloody campaign that has left at least 1,700 dead, mostly civilians.

“We do believe that the insurgents are responsible for the bombs attack,” said military spokesman Lt.-Gen. Palangoon Klaharn. “Their intention is to spread fear in the region.”

The Thai army warned military personnel in the deep south to be on high alert from Saturday through Wednesday, after reports of possible attacks by the Gerakan Mujahidin Islam Pattani to mark an anniversary.

Last month, Thai militants launched a series of daylight attacks against banks in Yala province, killing one, injuring nearly 30 and forcing the temporary closure of financial institutions.

Even the Thai military is trying to do the “peace thing.”

The attacks, in Songkhla province’s commercial centre of Hat Yai, came hours after the military staged a peace rally in the south, site of a Muslim insurgency, where it expressed hope people would work with authorities to end the violence.

The only peace the Muslim extremists want is the peace of submission. The only peace they deserve is that of death or a prison cell.