Suggestions for hunting regulations additions

I have some suggestions for Jeff Soyer in regards to his last sentence in this post where he advocates some changes in the hunting regulations:

  • There are no bag limits.
  • The season is year around as with other varmints.
  • There are no restrictions on hunting with various lures, calls, traps, poisons, calibers, spot lights, magazine capacity, rate of fire, or use of sound suppression accessories as long as a reasonable person would conclude that the hunting methodology would normally be expected to result in a humane kill.
  • The markings and other means of identification for the various species should be published in the hunting regulations and be regarded as definitive.
  • Hunters are required to notify authorities of wounded animals who have escaped as soon as is practical so others can be engaged to track and put down the animal in a humane manner.
  • All carcass disposal is the responsibility of the local government body. The government body may do this in any manner it so decides as long as it does not endanger the public health. This may include, as decided by the local government body and local public health officials, the sale of the carcass in whole or in part for any lawful use.
  • Hunters are required, if they can do so without endangering themselves or other innocent life, to guard the carcass until the police have arrived to properly strip the carcass of valuables, identify the species, verify it was a legitimate kill, and search for evidence as might be needed in civil or criminal cases.
  • Sales of valuables found on carcasses shall be used for the purposes of carcass disposal by the local government body. Except:
    • Valuables identifiable as stolen property shall be returned to their rightful owners or their heirs.
    • Valuables needed as evidence in criminal or civil cases shall be retained as necessary.

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