Our last child at home

Xenia, our youngest, is a senior this year. We are now counting down the months until she will be done with high school. We have a tradition, from when I was growing up, of taking a picture of the kids on the first day of school. Here is Xenia’s collection of those pictures. And here is another set from the first day of the last year of us having kids going to K through 12.

All three of our kids are in the house this minute and it’s almost alien to see them as adults (Xenia will be 18 in a just a few days). And then next year both of our daughters plan to get married in July. I look at the pictures of our kids when they going to grade school and I want to reach back in time and give them hugs. We give them hugs now of course but I also miss the children that they no longer are.


1 thought on “Our last child at home

  1. I hold that there is nothing more precious than time spent with your children, even when it seems, as it often does, like a pain in the butt. These are the good ole days.

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