Quote of the day–Howard Nemerov

Professor Fox’s maundering is based upon the unproven assumption that more gun control will lead to less violence. He believes that being a university professor entitles him to dictate public policy, and our request for supporting statistics is irrelevant because we are not part of his Ivory Tower clique. He uses his command of the English language to create subtle innuendos to label us gun-fetishists and paranoids, and to imply that we have taken the government hostage like so many terrorists.

It’s easy to lose touch with reality when one gets to live life in a protected enclave with a tenured position from which one can espouse fanciful ideologies without impacting job security. Regardless of the damage inflicted on regular people for implementing his recommendations, by nature of his gentrified position it’s unlikely the “Dean of Death” will be suffering the consequences of his beliefs.

Howard Nemerov
September 2, 2006 – 10:41
Gun Control: Rebuttal to James Alan Fox
[An excellent fisking of this bigot (also referenced by another bigot here).–Joe]