This is what happens in places without guns–Case XVI

Handguns are banned in the U.K.  So this couldn’t have happened:

Gun gang hit church club

THESE sickening CCTV images show merciless robbers storming a church social club where they threatened to shoot OAPs.

The three cowards, two with guns, stopped two elderly women escaping the venue. They bundled one over before dragging the 83-year-old into the main hall.

The gang then told the ten staff and customers to sit with hands behind their heads at Our Lady of Assumption Church’s parish club in Childwall in Merseyside.

Manageress Lynn Goulding, 54, said: “The gun sounded like a firecracker. I grabbed one of the men through sheer panic but he hit me on the chin.

“I can’t believe I was inches from a man pointing a gun at me. It was the most horrific experience of my life. I’m still shaking.”

The gang stole £970 and fled Wednesday’s 1am raid in a 4×4.