Who cares what the founding fathers thought?

That’s the point of this editorial. Okay. Fine. All you have to do then is amend the constitution. Just don’t pretend it doesn’t exist.

You can’t get the votes to amend the constitution? Tough. Your bright ideas must not have been all that bright then. Your options are now rather limited. You can move to another country more to your liking. Maybe you can find one with the all the socialist trimmings you whine about not having. Want a few bucks for the one-way plane ticket out of the country? I’ll be glad to contribute to you leaving. Another option is you can start a revolution and overthrow the existing government by means of violence. Your choice Mr. Kurlansky. What’s it going to be?


3 thoughts on “Who cares what the founding fathers thought?

  1. I hope I haven’t multi-posted this… the comment system seems to be rejecting my comment.

    The Onion or Scrappleface couldn’t do that any better. It got it all in there, slavery, genocide, colonialism, warmongering, etc.

    He says: “Steinbeck noted that the American Revolution was different from that of France’s or Russia’s because the so-called revolutionaries ‘did not want a new form of government; they wanted the same kind, only run by themselves.'”

    Which explains why we ended up with our own King George Washington instead of a presidency. And, afterall, what kind of revolution doesn’t involve mass executions of the former rulers? Bah! Those foolish American’s didn’t even have a properly vendictive revolution! And, afterall, the American Republic is just like all the other governments in existance, both now and in the 18th century.

    –sarcasm off

    Jimmeny Christmas, this is beyond parody.

  2. That they can’t get the votes to transform America fully into an average socialist hell hole, simply means (to them) that the American people are too stupid to know what’s good for them. That’s the primary characteristic of a socialist, isn’t it– that people are too stupid and/or evil to do the “right thing” and must therefore be forced into it.

    Your offer for the airline fare is a good one, but it should come with one requirement: They should have to formally relinquish their U.S. citizenship. That way we wont have to put up with them wanting back in. Or voting. Call it the “One Way Fund”– first class ticket to hell. Get it set up and I’ll contribute.

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