Drive-by shootings in shall issue states

I just read this and came up with a hypothesis I would like to explore. The hypothesis is, “States that have shall issue laws regarding concealed weapon have lower rates of drive-by shootings.”

I specifically wonder about drive-by shooting because I envision them happening in the evenings/nights when people are more likely to be carrying their personal protection tools with them. During the day bigoted employers have rules prohibiting the exercise of your rights while on company property and violent crime against these people, even if temporarily off company property, is less likely to be met with an armed response.

I haven’t even done a simple search engine inquiry for the data yet, but has anyone seen any papers/reports that address the issue?

Oh, I also wanted to point out that the newspaper reports it was a “gunman driving a car”, not a “car driver with a gun”. And of course the response will be that we need to eliminate gunmen, not eliminate car drivers.