Bomb scare over penis pump

They shouldn’t be violating our 4th amendment rights to begin with so this issues should never have come up. But now it has and I have been sort of following this story. I probably wouldn’t have commented on it but then he said:

Amin may not want his mother to know he has a penis pump, but he said he doesn’t consider it an unusual device to own.

“It’s normal,” he said. “Half of America they use it.”

Half of America would mean virtually all males. I don’t think so. My guess it would be in the fraction of one percent range, but then Dr. Joe hasn’t done accurate surveys on that particular topic.

I don’t think he should be prosecuted over this since the public embarrassment would seem to be sufficient punishment. I mean, if you were so embarrassed by it that you didn’t want your mother to know you had it and told security it was a bomb rather than a penis pump can you imagined the discomfort he is experiencing when the entire world can read about it and is making jokes at his expense?

Poor guy. Let that be a lesson to you. If are going to bring sex toys on the plane bring something that won’t be mistaken for a weapon. The only sex toy I take on my airline flights is my spouse which no one has yet considered a weapon (no, I’m not going to go for the joke, my own “homeland security” would come down on me way too hard). But if you don’t have one you might consider an anatomically correct inflatable sheep or something.