Ignoring the obvious

Despite standing right beside the Muslim extremist who shot her and listening while he “ranted on the phone about Jews, Israel and the U.S. role in the war in Iraq and the Middle East” Ms Klein is concerned about all the wrong things:

Klein said she hopes the shooting will serve to renew local and national efforts to draft gun control legislation.

How and why Haq “was able to legally acquire two semi-automatic weapons in our state is still a very disturbing mystery to me,” she said.

“Naveed Haq has wasted enough of my time,” she said.

Huh? Haq is the reason she may not regain the use of her hand. His extremist religious beliefs are the reason he and millions of others want her dead. And she is distrubed because it’s legal to purchase firearms? Had she purchased and carried a similar firearm she and others might not have been shot. She should exercise her rights, her brain, and before pushing for more useless gun control legislation answer Just One Question.

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