Going for the emotion

As pointed out by Denise, Jenny Price wrote another editorial. This time on gun owners instead of guns. I commented on her last one here. This one is about being “Targeted by Gun Nuts”. At the time I suspected she visited my blog a week or two after I wrote that post because of what I saw in my log file, but one never knows for certain.

Jenny, if you visit again please answer Just One Question.

I think the most telling part of the editorial are the last two paragraphs:

…do you really want these people on these websites (and 40 million other people in the country) to have guns?

I can cite statistics, and I can tell you why the right to carry a 9-millimeter semiautomatic handgun with a 10-shot clip is not guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. But the paranoia and bone-chilling hatred that spew from such sites as packing.org and freerepublic.com make for an equally — and unusually — effective argument for a ban on handguns.

She can cite statistics but can she do it correctly? Last time she had a terrible problem doing so. I’ve looked around a fair amount this morning and as near as I can tell she is off by about a factor of two, on the low side, with the number of gun owners in this country.

And if she can tell us why the 2nd Amendment doesn’t guarantee us the right to carry a 9mm handgun with a 10 round magazine there are some others besides me who would be interested in her reasoning. For example:

But then she could have done that this time but instead went for the emotional appeal and claims it’s is an unusually effective argument.