Internet access is a pain

What I really need is a directional WiFi antenna. I’ve been meaning to get one and had really intended to do that before this trip. As I stand (the signal inside the car is too weak) in the parking lot next to our rental car (for the power from the inverter I did bring along) in the early hours of the morning, blogging, reading and writing email, I realize my tendency to procrastinate is a vice (Xenia, please learn from your father’s mistakes–even if you did inherit this personality trait from him).

I have permission to use the WiFi in the building across the parking lot from our place here but just not the range with the network card in my laptop. Neither WalMart nor Staples have the desired equipment. And it looks like the closest Fry’s is in Texas.


3 thoughts on “Internet access is a pain

  1. Google for “directional wireless antenna pringles” to get destructions for building one out of a pringles can…

    If your wireless card has a jack for an external antenna, a pringles can may give you up to a 12 db gain… YMMV…

  2. Heya Joe, there is a Fry’s in Renton at the bottom of the 405 S-Curves in an old Boeing parking lot.

    Great place, just don’t get lost in there. Also, bring a drool cup.

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