Springfield via Memphis via Minneapolis

We were supposed to be in Springfield MO by now. But our plane to leave Seattle arrived 40 minutes late. It took off well over an hour late (taxiway congestion). We arrived in Minneapolis about 10 minutes after our connecting flight to Springfield was scheduled to leave.

The airline (NWA) put us up in a very nice room with free ground transportation, meals, and small overnight kit (they locked up our luggage for the night). Tomorrow morning we get a wake up call at 4:00 AM (2:00 AM my time) to catch a shuttle ride back to the airport where we catch a flight to Memphis and from there we go to Springfield arriving almost exactly 12 hours later than we planned..

Barb is stressing a little bit but as long as I do the interacting with all the wonderful service people that have been so accommodating we’ll do just fine.

I am annoyed with the hotel here, they have a policy of no guns on the property. This appears to be in accordance with Minnesota law. But since I don’t have my gun with me (it’s locked up at the airport) I suppose it doesn’t matter all that much this time. I’ll leave them one of these cards in the morning:

I am FBI Certified