Liquid explosives

I’m getting a bunch of hits from people searching for liquid explosive recipes. You won’t find them on any of my sites. They are too unstable for my use. The explosive that probably was planned for the most recent event in the U.K. is this one. Note what is said about it:

For its instability, it has been called the “Mother of Satan”.

Even nitroglycerin is more stable.

But if you are planning a one way trip to meet your 72 virgins I suppose that doesn’t much matter.


1 thought on “Liquid explosives

  1. That’s the mix used by the idiot who blew himself up outside the OU stadium during a game. You know, the one who had all the jihadi literature in his apartment and it took the feebs two days to clean the chemicals out, but the feebs say was not involved in terrorism?

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