Official “Conventional Wisdom”

I just had a long and very interesting chat with a man, retired from the Air Force, who served in Korea among other places, then spent several years as a government inspector for M-14 rifle production.  He could rattle quite a bit of fascinating information off the top of his head (I took notes) but one thing struck me as odd: He seemed to be completely unaware of both the NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT of 1934 and the Firearm Owner’s Protection Act of 1986.  A forgivable “offense” I suppose, but interesting from one who had had a career in handling “machineguns”.  He was under the assumption, as are many citizens, that machineguns in the hands of peaceable Americans are illegal.  Anyone casually interested in such things can take a clue from the acronym, BATF.  A machinegun is much like a carton of cigaretts or a bottle of whiskey– their possession is said to require an accompanying tax stamp.  Also take note of the fact that BATF is a branch of Treasury.  They are (ostensibly) a tax authority.

For anyone interested in Second Amendment politics, please take a look at this analysis of THE FIREARMS OWNERS’ PROTECTION ACT.  You will get some insight into that hideous, chilling muddle with which we in the industry are faced and, I think it important to point out, what John Moses Browning, among others, was not.  FOPA was a simplification, mind you, of previous law.

For those of you at all levels in law enforcement; you need to know a little about what’s been going on, from the coup of 1934 until now, so that collectively we can begin taking the steps to restore American’s full civil liberties.

When I was getting fingerprinted at the local sheriff’s office years ago for an NFA weapons transfer, the deputy taking the prints saw the “Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms” title on the forms and asked me if I was applying for a job.  I told him, “No.  This is an NFA weapons transfer.”  Previously chatty, he clammed up and said no more, obviously knowing nothing about such things.  He probably thought I was a super-spook, paramilitary international arms dealer working on the sly for Ollie North or some such, and he wasn’t going to ask any questions.  I didn’t try educating him on decades of political and legislative history, either.


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  1. Joe,

    I had a similiar experience recently. I began shooting with an active EOD technician who was stationed in this location. We talked quite a bit about long range shooting, pistol tactics, etc.

    When it came around to carbines, I started talking about AR’s. I brought up that my first AR was purchased about 12 months before the expiration of the AWB and, consequently, I paid $1,000 for an old, pre-ban POS.

    He then asked me what the AWB is.

    I think much of this can be ascribed to how insulated military life is.

    Just a thought.



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