Quote of the day–Jeff Cooper

Remember when Kennesaw, Georgia, made it mandatory for all households to be armed, and the media viewed this with dismay?  Well note further that in Kennesaw, Georgia, where there used to be very little armed violence, there now seems to be none.

What was it that Heinlein said about an armed society?

Jeff Cooper
From Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries
Vol. 3, No. 1
13 January 1995
[Barb, James, and I spent the evening last night with some Jewish friends that are loosely associated with the Jewish center that was shot up on Friday. More Jews need to be armed in this country when (not if) they are attacked again the response needs to be immediate and decisive. This will reduce future attacks. Taking a 13 year old girl hostage and shooting a pregnant women is a cowardly thing to do. It wouldn’t take much display of force to convince cowards such as these to reconsider their actions. I also give my endorsement of some Muslims condemning the attack and expressing sympathy for the victims.–Joe]