Professor terminated for advocating critical thinking skills

Does this seem at all familiar, Joe?

Professor Thomas Klocek a Roman Catholic…was dismissed by DePaul University for allegedly offending Muslim students when discussing Christian interests in Israel, disputing that Israeli treatment of Palestinians was akin to the Nazi treatment of the Jews and then terminating the discussion when it appeared that the students were more interested in Israel-bashing than discussing the issues.

It is our understanding that Prof. Klocek alleges:

1) He was never allowed to meet with his accusers.

2) He was never presented with a written list of the complaints or charges against him.

3) He was suspended by the Dean of the School for New Learning in clear violation of the University’s own stated Faculty Handbook procedures.

4) He was never given a hearing.

5) A vote by the DePaul Faculty Council affirmed that the same rules that apply for a formal academic hearing apply to all professors, full-time and adjuncts alike.

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4 thoughts on “Professor terminated for advocating critical thinking skills

  1. Faried, if you can find a link to the other side please let us know and we’ll post it.


  2. That I would love to see. The trouble is, the University has not come forward with a “side”. Furthermore, I predict they will not do so.

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