I turned down a software development job in rural Idaho

One summer I worked for a short time for a local guy doing contract game development. I got an email from him yesterday asking if I or anyone I knew would be interested in working for him again:

I have a game development position open and am trying to get the word out to people who might be interested. This is work much the same as before. Lots of C++ network & graphics coding. Initially it will be code maintenance on our PS2 and PSP titles, but will transition to new code development on the PS3 in the 6-12 month time-frame. If this sounds like it might fit with your current situation, please contact me. If not, please spread the word if you know of anybody you can recommend.

If you know any talented programmers who would like to get out of the city and would like to work long hours for low pay in the environs of Deary, please give them my address…

I turned it down. Right now I need a fairly high income to accomplish some particular goals and I’m pretty happy with the work I’m doing. It’s very challenging and being forced to stretch myself is probably a good thing. It can be comfortable to coast but I’m sure I’m a better person accomplishing difficult tasks.

Where is Deary? It’s about 20 miles east of Moscow on highway 3. As near as I can tell it has nine streets. And my recollection is that it doesn’t have any stop lights. There are lots of trees and mountains however.

Let me know if you are interested and I’ll forward your name on to him.