Free yoga instruction

In India you can get free Yoga instruction if you want. As much as Dr. Joe advocates more sex as a cure for everything I think perhaps paying for your Yoga instruction would be the better alternative if you are considering changing your vocation just for the free instruction:

Now, sex workers throughout the country would be taught Yoga under the aegis of Bhartiya Patita Uddhar Samiti, an organization devoted to the welfare of prostitutes. Another organization – The Friends Society – has also decided to help them.

The first camp has commenced in the Shivdaspur area of Varanasi by Swamy Yogeshwaranand, a disciple of Yoga Guru Swami Ramdeo.

According to President of Bhartiya Patita Uddhar Sabha, Yoga will help the sex workers in keeping themselves mentally and physically fit. Prolonged sex act makes them physically very tiring if a sex worker has to attend to many customers in a day.

Often sex causes vaginal pain and mental stress. Yoga would help them enjoy the act which otherwise is an act of drudgery for a sex worker.

According to President of the Friends Society Ashish Agarwal, yoga classes would be held in more than 1100 red light areas across India and such classes would benefit 23.85 lakh sex workers who often satiate the hunger of as many as 80 lakh customers.