Quote of the day–Walter Russell Mead

In the last five months of World War II, American bombing raids claimed the lives of more than 900,000 Japanese civilians — not counting the casualties from the atomic strikes against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is more than twice the total number of combat deaths that the United States has suffered in all its foreign wars combined.

On one night, that of March 9-10, 1945, 234 Superfortresses dropped 1,167 tons of incendiary bombs over downtown Tokyo; 83,793 Japanese bodies were found in the charred remains–a number greater than the 80,942 combat fatalities that the United States sustained in the Korean and Vietnam Wars combined.

Walter Russell Mead
The Jacksonian Tradition and American Foreign Policy
[Thanks to Kevin Baker for pointing this out. The Barking Moon Bats and the Muslim extremists should be reminded of this every time they whine about the civilian deaths in the MidEast. If you really piss us off you will have something to complain about.–Joe]