A different approach

There’s the good news that this animal was killed:

MOSCOW — Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev, responsible for modern Russia’s worst terrorist attacks, was killed Monday when a dynamite-laden truck exploded in his convoy, Russian officials said.

Federal Security Service head Nikolai Patrushev told President Vladimir Putin that Basayev had been killed overnight in a special operation conducted by Russian forces in Ingushetia, the area of southern Russia that borders Chechnya. Patrushev’s meeting with Putin was shown on Russian state television.

Basayev, 41, was behind some of Russia’s worst terror attacks, including the seizure of a Moscow theater in 2002 in which dozens of hostages and militants died, the 2004 school hostage taking in Beslan that killed 331, and the seizure of about 1,000 hostages at a hospital in Budyonnovsk that killed about 100.

The Interfax news agency quoted Ingush Deputy Prime Minister Bashir Aushev as saying that Basayev’s body had been identified “through some of the fragments, including his head.”

Then the part that is most interesting to me is this line buried deep in the article:

Basayev was the most notorious of the Chechen warlords, eluding Russian forces for years despite Kremlin vows to hunt him down and an offer of $10 million and plastic surgery to anyone providing information leading to his death.

Do you notice anything a little different from what we are doing when we put a reward on a terrorist’s head? The Russians don’t waste time with the things like Club Gitmo. It’s, “If we find him we are going to kill him.”

I just hope they follow up on my suggestion for dealing with this type of vermin. It was the Russian school children incident that inspired me to come up with that disposal method so I think it would entirely appropriate for them to implement it with the fragments of this scumbag.