Orwell was understating reality

This “Gun Guy” must have been inspired not only by Orwell’s writing but by Gobel. From his daily email:

The gun lobby wants everything to be the fault of the trigger-pullers.  If someone shoots someone else, they only want one person to go to jail: the person who pulled the trigger.  They don’t want any blame placed on any of the other parts of the network of people who delivered the gun used in the murder to the trigger-puller.  They don’t want the illegal gun dealer who sold them that gun to have any responsibility.  They don’t want the legal gun dealer who sold that gun (likely through a straw purchase) to have any responsibility.  And they definitely don’t want the industry that made that gun to have any responsibility at all, even though they likely knew that gun would be used by a criminal (because the legal gun market is already flooded with firearms).

And it’s a very important first step in realizing the truth about gun violence in America:  It’s not just the fault of the trigger-puller.  We all are involved in a gun culture that allows children to shoot up schools, and criminals to own handguns by the case.  If we really want to stop the violence, we’re all going to have to take responsibility.

The manufacture should “take responsibility”? Why not the provider of the steel for the gun? Or the miner of the iron ore?

Mental problems, that’s the only way I can make sense of these type of bigots.


1 thought on “Orwell was understating reality

  1. “because the legal gun market is already flooded with firearms”

    That’s pretty funny, actually. Major, publically-owned corporations are basing their profits on sales to the presumably un-flooded black market, to which they cannot legally make any direct sales, and from which they receive no profit margin.

    This is a little like saying that Ford is only in business to supply chop shops with parts (through carjackings and auto theft) because the legal car market is already flooded with automobiles.

    These guys really do have some serious screws loose.

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