One question in the Democratic Underground

I suspect it was a troll trying to fly just under the radar that brought it up but still it was entertaining to see the DU people squirm. It appears the best they could come up with to Just One Question was this:

The author goes on to say:

There are three possible answers to this question.

1. “I don’t know.” In which case my response is, “Come back to the debate when you can answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.”

2. “No.” In which case my response is, “Then you should be advocating the repeal of ALL gun control laws and I don’t want to hear a single anti-freedom word from you on this topic again.”

3. “Yes and here is my demonstration.”

Well, he’s wrong. There is another answer — my answer, the only good answer. And it is:

What colour is orange:
True or False?

If he really claims not to get it, then he can be given a clue: ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

It’s better than what I expected. As Ry said in another situation, “Ah, the voice of reason.”


2 thoughts on “One question in the Democratic Underground

  1. Keep after them and watch them bark at the moon even more. That’s entertainment! No matter what happens, we need a few leftists around just for laughs.

  2. It wasn’t me taunting them. I only noticed because of the link to my Just One Question.

    At lunch James told me he was “distracted” by them as well. Entertainment for the whole family. 🙂

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